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Saturday, June 4th, 2005
12:44 am
I hate you...

Like OMG!!! Did you see what you were wearing? Guh.....
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
4:11 pm
Oh god like
let's take a poll!!! What color will Paris's wedding gown be?

1) baby pink
2) hot flamingo pink
3) bubblegum pink
4) fuscia!
5) outrageous neon pink!!!
3:33 pm
And soon to come, Paris-inspired hair styling tips and a deep analysis of which shade of pink is Paris's favorite! OMG LIKE WHOA!!!!!!!!!
2:49 pm
OMG!! Look at my cute new emoticons!! They're so fucking hot!!1!

I'm so f-ing excited. This is going to be the best wedding of all time!!!

Oooh, and the Parises are both so hott!!! I can't wait for their kids, Paris 2.0!!

Current Mood: excited
2:31 pm
It's finally happened!!!

It's finally happened!! I'm so happy!! I can't wait for the third Paris to join their family. :):):) That'll be sooo hott!!1! Paris as a mommy!! Yay! It's about time we had some positive role models for mothers. (haha, models! cuz paris is like totally a model!)

I'm so glad I could snatch up this community before it was too late!!
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